Cafeteria / Break-out rooms

Cafeteria / Break-out rooms are typical places where employees like to unwind while at work. These places are required to offer a pleasant experience to employees. Sometimes these locations also double up as meeting places when an organisation wants to communicate with larger group of employees or used as venue for large gathering of employees. It is necessary that these spaces are provided with right audio visual technologies.

We at Pro Digital have a team of qualified design consultants who will help develop the appropriate solutions for such flexible work/ leisure spaces.

Salient features :

  • Interactive Touch Tables for Fun & Learning
  • High brightness multimedia projection systems for presentations
  • Sound reinforcement for clarity of speech
  • Information Display (Digital Signage) systems for information and entertainment
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • DJ systems for live music and entertainment
  • Back ground music systems for playing music and announcements
  • Lighting systems for various lighting scenarios
  • User friendly touch-panel control interface for control of all equipments