Multi-Touch Table with NFC Card Recognition

Captivate & engage your audience by delivering memorable presentations. Reduce decision-making time and cost, by collaborating more efficiently. Pro Digital’s interactive conference table comes with built in Wireless capability to mirror the screen to the main display.
A rugged & most reliable multi-touch table which is easy to relocate and ready to use, featuring built-in NFC Card recognition.



Pro Touch® CNT-B 40 (Available in 40” Display)
Pro Touch ® CNT-B 46 (Available in 46” Display)


Interactive Coffee table with NFC

Touch Technology: IR or Capacitive (Optional)
Resolution: 3840×2160 pixel (UHD)
Brightness: 450 candela/m² (LCD) ›
Video Inputs: DisplayPort 1.2 for 60Hz, HDMI
Design Base › Stainless Steel frame,
Surface – Corian top / Toughened Ultra clear or coloured Glass.

Engage your target group by promoting your brand in a fun way through Pro Digital’s interactive games. Create emotional connections between users and your corporate identity. Highlight your brand with a wide range of entertaining and engaging interactive games. The background can be customized as per the company’s corporate identity.




Organize, view, present and explore photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations, audio files and PDF brochures straight from a USB stick, Dropbox, your hard drive or a shared network folder.


Load and present your corporate website and surf the web using multi-finger gestures to zoom and pan, exploring your favourite content. Use your favourite websites such as Google, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive and even team collaboration tools like Slack.


Whiteboard is a creative ideation tool, which can be used for brainstorming sessions and to enhance group discussions.

PDF viewer

Present and view your PDF documents in a smart and interactive way and make annotations on top of your favourite content.

Social Media Feed Integration

Twitter handle can be configured to get the live instant update.

Optional Features

Physical Object recognition
Custom UI & UX Development

Custom Multi-touch application can be designed as per the requirement.