Digital Standee with Cloud based content management System

Show everything you Love. Anywhere you go.

With powerful technologies in an incredibly compact enclosure, Pro Digital iStandee is designed to fit perfectly into the world of futuristic communication.



PROIS43® (40” Display)
PROIS48® (48” Display)
PROIS55® (55” Display)


Display – FHD 1080p Portrait screen


Easy to Edit & Reschedule

Users in your organisation can send content to any screens or zones and content can be scheduled in advance. You can schedule content to last anything from a week to a year and reschedule previous content all at a few clicks.

Split Content into Zones

Display multiple contents in different zones at the same time on your screen. Pro-Digital CMS can run a news feed in one zone while displaying company content on another. Users can also be given zone wise control to manage the content.

Group Multiple Screens

Control what is shown on each screen, and when. You can send a particular content to a single screen or a group of screens. While ensuring that your content is targeted only at the locations where you need it to be shown.

Powered by the Cloud

Use the timer

Set a timer to power On / Off the device & also to schedule content in the playlist as per the calendar, this enables you to decide which content you want to show at which daytime, weekday or any other freely definable time frame.

Screen rotation

Your display setup is vertical? No problem – with Pro-Digital you can set a rotation (90°, 180° or 270°) for your content.

Optional Features

Touch Standee with Custom UI & UX Development