Pick & Learn Solution:

Pro Digital’s Pick & Learn solution not only entice customers but also to engage and educate them to compare and learn more information about key products through the interactive experience.


Pick and Learn is a technology that can be used in retail shops, supermarkets, museums, education sector & Experience centers in order to engage the customer and provide dynamic content with interactivity. Whenever one of the products is lifted from its spot on the store shelf, complete information of that specific product- such as price, benefits, features, specifications, video of how to use the product etc is displayed on the screen. Picking multiple products gives a comparison of those products. It helps the retailers to achieve their sales and improve conversions.


Pick & Learn is an effective technology that recognizes products using RFID / NFC tags. The content of the product/solution can be managed via Pro Digital’s Cloud-based CMS. The Displays & the fabrication can be customized based on customer preference.