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Pro Digital gives you the exemplary and best solution for your premises. Our products suite is used for dynamic digital world like Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Entertainment, education and other industries for manifold features and applications alike Retail Network advertisement, Digital posture, Video advertisement, Digital Standees, Digital Feedback, corporate communication/ Presentation & a lot more to explore.


The benefits you avail from our service is immense praiseworthy in so many ways. Some major key points of this new generation of digital signage software include:

1. Easy Scheduling of Contents  – One can manage & schedule their content centrally from Pro Digital CMS, scheduling your advertisement routines, power on and off the device, playlists, Content distribution are the key things in our CMS.

2. Frugal and Cost-effective – we provide a cost-effective solution to fit your business needs.

3. User-friendly – The products and features which we design are user-friendly. The applications are designed by great UI UX experts who understand the user experience better.

4. Centralized System management – Putting an interactive content and user-friendly application is the main medium of success but it cannot be possible without a centralized system management. To reach your content to the targeted audience Pro Digital provides the intuitive user interface which takes care of the visibility of content to the audience.

5. Superior Visuals and Performance – Pro Digital’s CMS supports a wide range of file formats from HD to 4K with custom resolution. Irrespective of the type of content the quality and performance will not be compromised.




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